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My name is Ciriaco Gutierrez and I am the owner of Flavor Burger Café. I have been in the restaurant business for twenty-six years. When I came to the United States, I never thought I’d find myself chasing a dream and following a passion as wonderful and rewarding as this one. With a determined spirit, I’ve learned and grown to be the individual I am today. I believe hard work and effort helps guide one to success or to where one wishes to be.

Since I met her twenty-six years ago in a small town in Guerrero, Mexico, my best friend and wife, Teodora Medina, has always stood by my side. We've supported one another throughout every hardship, and worked hard to make a life and a living for ourselves. Today, our three daughters and our son stand by us too, looking forward and supporting one another. Love is truly the key.

When we first bought our home in the Coffey Park neighborhood we began investing our time and finances to shape the house the way we wanted it to be. In 2017, the Tubbs Fire consumed pictures, memories, and other precious belongings. Most of what we owned was lost and the way we lived was drastically changed within minutes. We were grateful that we were all safe and unharmed, and knew that we could replace the material things. My wife and I embraced our children as much as we could during those times; so much can happen unexpectedly and we are especially aware of this after going through an experience like the fire.

We opened our restaurant in January of 2020. Owning a restaurant has been a dream that’s now become a reality. We are very appreciative of the family, friends and customers who have shown their support of us. We think about the hearts we’ve touched and hope we continue to touch people in our community. We think about those who have touched our hearts and know we would not have what we have today without them. We hope to continue to spread light, support, and delicious food to everyone!

                             - Ciris

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